Clive Humby

Clive Humby

Clive has a passion and talent for helping retailers and brands to find the best way to engage customers in order to maximise customer loyalty and retention to drive profitable growth. He is responsible for creating the first geodemographic system, ACORN, in the 1980s.

Clive is Starcount’s Chief Data Scientist and a leading consultant on data and technology to both government and industry. Starcount works with some of the biggest brands both in the UK and globally and Clive is pivotal in helping set and deliver against their strategic goals. His deep geo-spatial knowledge has enabled Starcount to combine geodemographic data with both customer and new open data sets to create a revolutionary site location modelling capability.

First to coin the phrase, ‘data is the new oil,’ Clive has been transforming data insights into real strategic and financial growth opportunities for major businesses for over 40 years and across 30 countries.

Clive co-founded dunnhumby where he and his partner, Edwina Dunn, revolutionised the Grocery and FMCG industry through the introduction of Tesco Clubcard, the first mass targeted customer loyalty and reward programme.

Non-Exec Roles & Awards

Clive has an honorary Doctorate of Engineering from the University of Sheffield and an Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University. In 2012, he became a founding Patron of the Market Research Society and in 2014, he was made a Companion of Honour at the Operational Research Society. Clive was awarded an honorary Fellowships from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Institute for Direct and Digital Marketing.

For many years, he was a visiting professor at NorthWestern University in Evanston, IL and is currently a regular speaker on a number of leading MBA programmes. He leads a retail business workshop programme with Richard Cuthbertson, head of research at the Oxford Institute of Retail Management at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and is an adviser for LetterOne private equity firm.

He co-authored the book Scoring Points: How Tesco Continues to Win Customer Loyalty which is now on its 2nd edition.

In 2019, Clive Humby was awarded an OBE for services to Data and Business.

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For all press or speaker enquiries please contact Laura Whiteside, Private Assistant to Clive Humby & Edwina Dunn

Edwina Dunn

Edwina Dunn

Edwina is an experienced CEO, building capabilities and expert teams who transform businesses with data-driven strategies and execution. Her desire to drive change and create impact has been the defining characteristic of her career.

Edwina is CEO of Starcount, an innovative data-science consultancy that harnesses data to explore customer purchase motivations, emerging trends and how and why consumers interact with brands. Starcount works with a number of clients globally in the retail, grocery, luxury, automotive and fashion sectors. Through its data science capabilities and insight platforms, Starcount enables organisations to anticipate, adapt and capitalise on what consumers love and want next.

Prior to Starcount Edwina co-founded dunnhumby, the first of its kind global retail insights business. Pioneering the use of customer transaction data, with companies such as Tesco, Kroger and Macy’s. The launch of Clubcard in 1995 was the first mass customisation loyalty programme in the world and its success propelled Tesco to double their market share in less than 3 years. As a result, dunnhumby expanded exponentially, growing 100% year-on-year for five years to 1500 people, working with many major retailers and managing 350 million customers, in 25 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Non-Exec Roles & Awards

In October 2018, Edwina was appointed to The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI); an advisory body set up by Government to investigate and advise on how to maximise the benefits and ethics of data-enabled technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI).

Edwina is founder of The Female Lead an educational charity, dedicated to offering alternative role models and giving women a platform to share their inspirational stories. The Female Lead: Women Who Shape Our World (published February 2017), has been donated and used in 18,000 schools, reaching more than a million young girls and boys across the UK and USA. It seeks to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

Edwina has four Honorary Doctorates, is an Honorary Fellow of Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge and a Patron of the MRS and the IDM.

In 2019, Edwina was awarded an OBE for her services to Data and Business.

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For all press or speaker enquiries please contact Laura Whiteside, Private Assistant to Clive Humby & Edwina Dunn


Brands today are navigating a crowded and fragmented market. Changes in consumer attitudes, data regulations and the effects of content overload are making it increasingly difficult for companies to make an impact. In an age of personalised marketing, significant value can be driven by employing predictive insights, real-time updates and exploring the distinct motivations and passions behind real people.

Starcount is bringing data into the boardroom and making a significant difference to the value and outcome of customer centricity. We help clients bridge the gap between traditional data environments and Big Data, blending experience, science and insight to create strategic benefit.

Starcount offers collaborative exploratory data analysis, business strategy recommendations, predictive modelling and more, along with our Observatory platform which processes social data from 194 markets globally. Using our proprietary Detector IP, we can segment consumers based on their motivations, passions, life stage and brand love.

Edwina is CEO @ Starcount and Clive is Chief Data Scientist @ Starcount.

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Female Lead Logo

The Female Lead is an educationial charity that celebrates women’s achievement, endeavour and diversity.

Aiming to make women’s stories more visible, and to provide positive role models for future generations, The Female Lead works on three platforms: the website, a book of remarkable women to be launched later this year and an outreach programme targeted at young women. Through workshops in schools, colleges and youth organisations The Female Lead speaks directly to young women about confidence, ambition and alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture.

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